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Newspapers - Digital and Microfilmed

This is a list of newspaper web sites that I put together for a presentation at the BYU Genealogy & Family History Conference for later this year (2012). Newspapers are a very rich source of information for both genealogical (names, dates, places) and family history (events, stories) research. In the past, researchers had to visit the library or repository where the newspapers were housed and search through hundreds of pages hoping to find mention of a particular individual. Interlibrary loan made accessing these wonderful resources more affordable, but finding the information was still difficult unless you knew approximate dates of events to look for. Today, more and more newspapers are becoming available online, many as searchable documents. You can find information in the paper that was almost impossible to find in the past.

UNITED STATES (national)
1. Accessible Archives Historical Newspapers (Online, Library or Subscription, transcribed, no original images) – A growing collection of 18th and 19th century newspapers, periodicals, and other published materials (
2. Civil War Newspapers, American (Online, Free, images) – Searchable, indexed newspapers published during the American Civil War period from July 1860 through June 1865. Site is hosted by Virginia Tech University (
3. GenealogyBank (Online, Subscription, images) – Collection contains over 320 years of fully-searchable historical newspapers printed in small towns and big cities throughout the U.S. This collection also includes other historic materials (
4. Library of Congress, Chronicling America (Online, Free, images) – Historic newspaper pages from across the United States from 1836 to1922 (
5. Newspaper Archive (Online, Subscription or Library, images) – Large collection of newspapers from the United States and some other countries. The site claims to be the largest digital newspaper archive with over 1 billion articles (not pages) on their site (
6. 19th Century U.S. Newspapers (Online, Library subscription, images) – A collection from the Gale Group ( available in many libraries. This collection currently has 17,943,281 articles and was last updated on Sep 22, 2010.
7. ProQuest Newspapers (Online, Subscription or Library, images) – Collection of several important newspapers (Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Hartford Courant, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal) covering the years 1764 to 1998 (
ALABAMA – Alabama Newspapers on Microfilm Database (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – Alabama has microfilmed 7.2 million pages of more than five hundred newspapers (
ALASKA – Alaska Newspapers Index (Online, Free, but index only, no images) – Index of some Alaskan newspapers from 1901-1999 (
ARIZONA – Arizona Newspaper Project (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – This project has filmed over one million pages, encompassing newspaper titles from 57 communities throughout the state and covering in part the years 1877 to 2002 (
ARKANSAS – Arkansas History Commission’s Newspaper Collection (Index of available papers, order form for copies) – The Arkansas History Commission's newspaper collection includes over 3000 titles published at around 250 different locations in Arkansas, spanning the years from 1819 to the present (
CALIFORNIA – California Digital Newspaper Collection (Online, Free, images) – A freely accessible repository of digitized California newspapers from 1846 to the present. This collection contains 55,970 issues comprising 495,175 pages and 5,658,224 articles (
CALIFORNIA – California Newspaper Project – (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – The most comprehensive source of information about California newspapers. It has titles and holdings from more than 1,400 libraries, museums, historical societies and publishers' offices throughout the state and contains records for over 14,400 U.S. newspaper titles (9,000 were or are published in California (
COLORADO – Colorado Historic Newspapers (Online, Free, images) – This collection currently includes more than 500,000 digitized pages, representing 163 individual newspaper titles published in Colorado from 1859 to 1923 (
CONNECTICUT – Newspapers at Connecticut State Library (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – The Connecticut Newspaper Project has microfilmed 1,094,446 pages and cataloged 7,161 titles of papers dating back to the 1755. Many of these are available at the state library (
DELAWARE – Delaware Newspaper Project (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – The project has microfilmed 700,000 pages, including the state's first newspaper, the 1781 Delaware Gazette (
FLORIDA – Florida Digital Newspaper Library (Online, Free, images) – Includes over 1,000,000 pages of historic through current Florida newspapers, which are openly and freely available with zoomable page images and full text (
GEORGIA – Georgia Newspaper Project (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – To date the Georgia Newspaper Project has microfilmed at least one newspaper title from every county in Georgia in which newspapers were ever published. More than 2500 titles altogether have been filmed (
GEORGIA – The Atlanta Historic Newspapers Archive (Online, Free, images) – The collection spans the years 1847-1922 and includes 14 titles published in the Atlanta area; a free plug-in is required to be installed on your computer to view the images (
GEORGIA – Digital Library of Georgia (Online, Free, images) – Links to several collections of Georgia newspapers covering the years 1808 to 1994 (
HAWAII – Hawaiian Language Newspaper Collection (Online, Free, images) – A collection of historic Hawaiian-language newspapers published between 1834 and 1948. The newspaper images can be retrieved by word search, title, or date (
HAWAII – Newspapers of Hawaiʻi (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – Microfilm of 260,000 pages and 476 titles covering the years 1834-2000 (
IDAHO – Idaho State Archives (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – Microfilm of Idaho newspapers dating from 1863 to the present (
ILLINOIS – Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection (Online, Free, images) – A small, but growing collection of Illinois newspapers from 1869 to 1975. Currently has about 140,000 pages; hosted by the University of Illinois (
ILLINOIS – Illinois Newspaper Project (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – 480 titles microfilmed from across the state (
INDIANA – Indianapolis Newspapers Database (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – Collection contains papers from the Indianapolis Herald, Sentinel, Star, News, and Journal covering parts of the years 1848 to 1991 (
INDIANA – Indiana Farmer (Online, Free, images) – The digital Indiana Farmer gives a rare view of rural Hoosier life from 1851 to 1917 (
IOWA – Iowa State Historical Society (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – The State Historical Society has many newspapers from across Iowa on microfilm (
KANSAS – Kansas Historical Society (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – The Kansas Newspaper Project has microfilmed 1.6 million pages and cataloged 10,330 titles (
KENTUCKY – Kentucky Digital Newspapers (Online, Free, images) – Hosted by the University of Kentucky and part of the National Digital Newspaper Program, they have digitized papers from all parts of the state between the years 1860-1922 and continue to add to the collection (
KENTUCKY – Northern Kentucky Newspaper Index (Online index, some images others on microfilm via interlibrary loan) – The Kenton County Public Library Newspaper Index covers the years 1835-1935 and 1982-Present with over 37,000 pages currently available in digital format. They are working to fill-in the remaining years and add more digital images (
KENTUCKY – University of Kentucky Library (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – This collection has over 4,750 titles cataloged and 800,000 pages microfilmed (
LOUISIANA – Louisiana Newspaper Access Program (Online, Free, images) – This site contains representative images of the earliest newspaper titles from Louisiana's 64 parishes and is a pilot project, a precursor to LSU Libraries' involvement with the National Digital Newspaper Program. This limited collection will not be added to; however, the newspapers selected for NDNP will be located on the Library of Congress' Chronicling America site (
LOUISIANA – Louisiana Newspaper Project (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – The 1794 New Orleans Moniteur de la Louisiane, the state's first French newspaper, is among the 4.8 million pages of microfilmed newspapers available (
MAINE – Maine Newspaper Project (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – Maine has microfilmed 356,000 pages of publications dating back to 1785 when Maine was part of Massachusetts (
MARYLAND – Maryland State Archives, Newspapers (Online, Free, images) – Several rolls of microfilmed newspapers have been digitized and can be browsed on this site. Years covered are 1802 to 1965 (
MARYLAND – Maryland Newspaper Project (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – Since 1979, the Maryland State Archives has microfilmed nearly 300 Maryland newspapers (over two million pages) (
MASSACHUSETTS – Massachusetts Newspaper Project (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – The 1690 Publick Occurrences, America's first newspaper, is among 8,127 titles in this collection (
MICHIGAN – Library of Michigan Newspapers (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – The collection includes 4,446 titles and more than 900,000 pages from all 83 counties, and in many languages representing many of Michigan's ethnic communities (,1607,7-140-54504_50206_18643---,00.html).
MINNESOTA – Minnesota Historical Society (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – They house the largest single collection of Minnesota newspapers with dates ranging from 1849 to the present day with over 4 million pages (
MISSISSIPPI – Mississippi Department of Archives & History (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – Includes newspapers from more than two hundred towns with over 830,000 pages microfilmed (
MISSOURI – Missouri Digital Heritage: Newspaper Collection (Online, Free, images) – Digital images from several historic Missouri newspapers from 1835-1966. This is still a fairly incomplete collection, but if they have the year you are looking for, it may be useful (
MISSOURI – The State Historical Society of Missouri (Online, Free, Images and Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – Beginning in 1808 and continuing to the present the society has over 41 million pages of Missouri newspapers on microfilm (
MONTANA – Montana Historical Society (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – The newspaper collection includes approximately 95% of the papers ever published in Montana on about 20,000 reels of microfilm (
NEBRASKA – Nebraska Digital Newspaper Project (Online, Free, Images) – A small but growing collection of digitized Nebraska Newspapers provided by the Univ. of Nebraska and the Nebraska State Historical Society. Currently has about a dozen titles from cities and towns across the state (
NEBRASKA – Nebraska State Historical Society (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – The society has more than 35,000 rolls of Nebraska newspapers on microfilm dating from the territorial period to the present (
NEVADA – Univ. of Nevada-Reno Library (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – Not organized as a separate collection, but the library does have microfilm of a number of historic Nevada newspapers that can be found by searching the catalog (
NEW HAMPSHIRE – New Hampshire State Library (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – The collection includes more than one million pages, encompassing more than 1,644 titles published from 1756 to 1993 (
NEW JERSEY – Atlantic County Library Digitized Newspaper Collection (Online, Free, images) – Over 5,000 newspapers in this collection. The main focus is on Atlantic County; the papers date from 1860 to 1923 (
NEW MEXICO – New Mexico Newspaper Project (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – The project catalogued 1,599 titles and microfilmed 500,000 pages. A film index is provided on the site (
NEW YORK – Brooklyn Daily Eagle Online (Online, Free, images) – Newspaper published from 1841 to 1955, then revived for a short time from 1960 to 1963. Phase I of the digitization project, which can at present be found on this site, covers the period from October 26, 1841 to December 31, 1902, and contains about 147,000 pages (
NEW YORK – Northern New York Historical Newspapers (Online, Free, images) – This online collection currently consists of more than 2,284,000 pages from fifty-two newspapers from Clinton, Franklin, Essex, St. Lawrence, Oswego, Lewis, and Jefferson counties (
NEW YORK – Old Fulton Post Cards (Online, Free, images) – Don’t let the title of this one fool you, or be put off by the somewhat unusual front page of the web site. This site contains over 18,000,000 digitized pages of searchable New York newspapers and is one of the best for New York genealogy (
NEW YORK – New York State Library (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – Extensive microfilmed collection of New York newspapers available through interlibrary loan (
NORTH CAROLINA – State Library of North Carolina (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – Selected titles microfilmed from all of North Carolina’s 100 counties totaling over 3 million pages (
NORTH DAKOTA – State Historical Society of North Dakota (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – Over 3.3. million pages of microfilmed newspapers from 1864 to present (
OHIO – The Ohio Historical Society (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – The OHS Archives/Library contains the largest collection of Ohio's newspapers in existence: 4,500 titles, 20,000 volumes, and almost 48,000 rolls of microfilm (
OKLAHOMA – Oklahoma Historical Society (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – OHS has the largest collection of Oklahoma newspaper titles on microfilm with titles dating from 1819 to the present. The newspaper collection currently consists of over 4,400 titles on approximately 33,000 reels of microfilm (
OREGON – Oregon Newspaper Index (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – Index for the Portland Oregonian, Oregon Daily Emerald, and Register-Guard covering the years 1852 to 2004. The University of Oregon Libraries has microfilm of the three newspapers here indexed as well as microfilm for over 1,000 other titles not indexed (
PENNSYLVANIA – Pennsylvania Newspaper Collections (Online, Free, images, and microfilm via interlibrary loan) – Several collections of newspapers, some digitized housed at Penn St. University, includes a great collection from the civil war era (
PENNSYLVANIA – Pennsylvania Historic Newspaper Collection (Online, Free, images) – A searchable collection of historic newspapers ranging from 1826 to 1929 (
PENNSYLVANIA – Pennsylvania State Library (Microfilm via interlibrary loan, a few available digitally) – Extensive collection of Pennsylvania newspapers on microfilm. Some titles are now available in digital format (
RHODE ISLAND – Rhode Island Historical Society Library (Microfilm may be available through interlibrary loan) – Contains the largest collection of Rhode Island newspapers (
SOUTH CAROLINA – South Carolina Digital Newspaper Project (Online, Free, images) – Part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America project, this site shows the progress of the digitization effort in South Carolina and lists the titles that have been done and those scheduled to be digitized in the next two years (
SOUTH CAROLINA – South Caroliniana Library (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – The SCL provides access to newspapers from around the state, beginning with the South Carolina Gazette of 8 January 1732 (
SOUTH DAKOTA – South Dakota State Historical Society (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – An extensive collection of historic South Dakota newspapers on microfilm (
TENNESSEE – Tennessee Newspaper Project (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – This site provides a way to search the database of over 10,000 Tennessee Newspapers housed in libraries across the state that were published beginning in the late 1700’s (
TEXAS – Texas Digital Newspaper Program (Online, Free, images) – The University of North Texas is the lead institution on this digitization project and is continuing to add to this collection that has newspapers published from 1829 to present (
TEXAS – Briscoe Center for American History, Univ. of Texas-Austin (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – The Center's newspaper collection contain more than 4,500 Texas, Southern, U.S., and non-U. S. titles and is the largest collection of its kind in Texas. (
UTAH – Deseret News Archives 1850-present (Online, Subscription or Library, images) – Digital collection of searchable images. You may also browse the collection. Not all dates are available in the collection (
UTAH – Utah Digital Newspapers (Online, Free, images) – A growing collection of Utah Newspapers from both small towns and large cities from 1858 to 1972 (
UTAH – BYU Harold B. Lee Library (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – An extensive collection of Utah newspapers on microfilm (
VIRGINIA – Virginia Newspaper Project at Library of Virginia (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) –The first Virginia Gazette, printed in 1736, and the Richmond Planet, an African American newspaper from the Reconstruction period, are among 477,000 pages microfilmed (
WASHINGTON – Washington State Library (Online, Free, images, and microfilm via interlibrary loan) – The microfilm collection consists of over 40,000 reels of newspapers dating from the 1850s to the present, plus there is a limited collection of historic newspapers that have been digitized and are available online (
WEST VIRGINIA – West Virginia University Library (Some are available on microfilm via interlibrary loan) – The West Virginia and Regional History Collection holds the largest collection of historical West Virginia newspapers in existence (
WISCONSIN – Wisconsin Local History & Biography Articles (Online, Free, images) – Historical and biographical articles preserved in scrapbooks at the Wisconsin Historical Society in the late 19th and 20th centuries from hundreds of Wisconsin local newspapers, and a few from other states (
WISCONSIN – Wisconsin Historical Society (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) –The Society Library owns one of the nation's largest collections of North American newspapers, with more than 11,000 bound volumes and 100,000 reels of microfilm. Particular strengths include Wisconsin newspapers, colonial and early American newspapers west of the Appalachians, and the largest collection of labor and trade union newspapers in the nation (
WYOMING – Wyoming Newspaper Project (Online, Free, images) – Available through this website are all the newspapers printed in Wyoming between 1849 and 1922, in an easily searchable format. This includes more than 800,000 digitized newspaper pages (
WORLD – ICON: International Coalition on Newspapers (Online, Free, Links) – ICON develops strategies to preserve and improve access to newspapers from around the globe and provides a freely accessible database of bibliographic information for more than 25,000 newspaper titles from participating institutions. ICON also actively coordinates and supports cataloging of international newspapers in participating U.S. libraries to increase their availability (
WORLD – Newspaper Abstracts (Online, Free, abstracts and extracts) – This is a fairly small site currently, but it continues to grow with over 1,100 new pages of abstracts from newspapers added each month. It currently contains about 93,000 pages of abstracts and extracts from historical newspapers as of May 2012 (
WORLD ­– World Newspaper Archive (Online, Subscription) – Claims to be the largest fully searchable collection of historical newspapers from around the globe. The World Newspaper Archive was created in partnership between Readex, a division of NewsBank, and the Center for Research Libraries and includes historical newspapers published in Africa, Europe, Latin America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions (
WORLD – Paper of Record (Online, images, Subscription) – A Global pioneer of searchable newspaper image documents presented in their original published form with over 21 million pages of digitized newspapers (
AUSTRALIA – Trove Digitized Newspapers (Online, Free, images) – Extensive collection of Australian Newspapers. As of April 25, 2012 there were 6,926,297 pages available to search from 1802 to about 1982.
AUSTRIA – ANNO, Austrian Newspapers Online (Online, Free, images) – Newspapers from the Habsburg Monarchy and Austria dating from the 1700s to 1938. Non-searchable, click-through access is by date or by newspaper title. There are plans to make the collection searchable in the future (
CANADA (ALBERTA) – Early Alberta Newspapers Collection (Online, Free, images) – The collection contains both dailies and non-dailies (weeklies, etc.). Currently, the collection is organized by place and by the date of the microfilm roll, but does not have a searchable index (
CANADA (BRITISH COLUMBIA) – Royal British Columbia Museum Archives (Microfilm via interlibrary loan) – Over 11,000 rolls of microfilmed newspapers that are indexed and may be searched for on this site (
CANADA (BRITISH COLUMBIA) – Bill Silver Digital Newspaper Archive (Online, Free, images) –This collection includes 3 titles from the Vanderhoof District of British Columbia.
CANADA (NOVA SCOTIA) – Nova Scotia Historic Newspapers (Online, Free, images) – The collection includes 7 titles published in four very different Nova Scotia communities over a span of 210 years — 14,377 digitized pages in all (
FINLAND – National Library of Finland Digital Newspaper Collection (Online, Free, images) – The National Library has digitized the main part of the newspapers published in Finland between 1771 and 1900 containing approximately 1.7 million pages (
GREAT BRITAIN – British Newspaper Archive (Online, Subscription, images) – In cooperation with BrightSolid, the British Library has been digitizing newspapers. Plans are to place up to 40 million digitized and searchable newspaper pages online. As of April 2012 about 5 million pages were available with about 8,000 pages added daily. The newspapers cover the period from 1711 to 1950 (
GREAT BRITAIN – British Library Pilot Archive (Online, Free, images) – Searchable images of issues of London’s Daily News, The News of the World and The Weekly Dispatch, and The Manchester Guardian. The site is limited in scope and not likely to add additional images (
GREAT BRITAIN – 19th Century British Library Newspapers (Online, Library subscription, images) – This collection from the Gale Group ( contains full runs of 48 newspapers specially selected by the British Library to best represent nineteenth century Britain.
GREAT BRITAIN – British Newspapers 1600-1900 (Online, Library subscription, images) – This collection from the Gale Group ( contains over 3 million pages of historic newspapers, newsbooks & ephemera.

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