Monday, November 28, 2011

A few more Jensen Family pictures

Jill at Delicate Arch in Arches National Monument (now National Park) in the 1960s.

Kim Kowallis, Robert Garner, and Bart Kowallis sledding on the Mantua Hill probably about 1966.

Mid-summer photo of the Jensen barn and granary (actually the home that Joseph M. Jensen was born in and lived in as a boy). I'm not sure who is on the tractor. The photo was taken from the west side of 1100 West in Pleasant View, Utah looking to the east-northeast.

Cheryl Kowallis, Lynn Humphreys, and Norma (Jensen) Kowallis. I'm not sure if this was before, after, or on Cheryl and Lynn's wedding day.

Marriott family in the snow. From left to right: Jan Marriott, Mark Marriott, Scott Marriott, Kevin Marriott, and Glena (Jensen) Marriott. Jan was obviously not happy about standing in the snow.

Reinhart Kowallis and Norma Jensen while they were courting.

Phyllis Jensen, Norma Jensen, and Ruth Jensen.

Sunday dinner at the Kowallis home. On the left side of the table, front to rear: Kim Kowallis, Norma Jensen Kowallis, Grandma Ethel Jensen, Jill Kowallis, Cheryl Kowallis. At rear: Grandpa Joseph Jensen. On right side, front to rear, Bart Kowallis (with a nice grape juice mustache), Reinhart Kowallis, and Kent Kowallis. Photo taken about 1958.

Lamar Jensen, Cheryl Kowallis, and Glena Jensen in about 1945.

Grandma (Ethel Jane Chamberlain Jensen) with a baby blanket she had made for one of the grandchildren.

Baby Cheryl with Dad (Reinhart Kowallis) in the winter of 1944-45.


  1. Great pictures Bart. Where are you hiding your stash. I've never seen these before.

  2. Sheri -- I have been trying to scan a few old slides and some of these actually come from the photos Brandon scanned a few years ago. --Bart