Saturday, December 10, 2011

Photos from Barbara Whitehead Cole Kowallis album

Jensen Family women showing off their hats. From left to right: (front row) Lisa Jensen, Denise Garner, Deborah Jensen, Sheri Kowallis, (back row) Cheryl Humphreys, Audrey Garner, Phyllis Butler, Jan Marriott, Chris Marriott, Barbara Kowallis
Grandpa Joe and Grandma Ethel Jensen at the campground at Tony's Grove showing off their motorcycle skills.

Kory Kowallis and his little sister Jami camping at St. Charles Creek Campground in Idaho on 30 June 1982.

Baby Mike Kowallis with his big brother Brandon. Mike was just 6 weeks old.

Reinhart Kowallis retirement party at office in the Federal Bldg, Salt Lake City in 1975. Look at those pants! And the well-matched shirt and jacket. Now that's a man who knew how to dress.

Photo on south side of Kowallis home in Pleasant View, Utah. From left to right: Cheryl (unknown last name), Grandpa Joseph Jensen, Jan Marriott, and Bart Kowallis. Photo taken in about 1975. And it appears that Bart has inherited some of his father's fashion sense.

Bart, Leanna, and Julee Clark Kowallis 27 December 1982 at the home of Reinhart and Barbara Kowallis in Pleasant View, Utah.

Kent, Jill, Kim, Cheryl, and Reinhart Kowallis, 26 November 1977 and the home of Cheryl Kowallis Humphreys in North Ogden, Utah.

Brandon Kowallis and Sheri Lemon Kowallis picking peas at Grandpa Kowallis' garden in June 1977.

The Humphreys clan camping in July 1982 (from left to right): Todd, Tami, Darin on Cheryl's lap, Amy, Jeannie, Justin with Lynn.

Kim Kowallis with his new Datsun in March 1977 in the driveway of the Kowallis home in Pleasant View, Utah.


  1. These are so fun, Uncle Bart! Encore! MOre!

  2. What GREAT pics!!!! I love the one at my mom's house with everyone rockin the 70's. Thanks Uncle Bart!

  3. Fun pictures Bart. I"m with Jernae - Keep 'em coming. We want more!