Sunday, January 8, 2012

More photos from back then...

Reinhart Kowallis (left) goofing around with some of his buddies.

Primary Parade about 1954/55 with Kent Kowallis at the controls of the wagon train (Dad's old two-wheel tractor). Lynette Butler is seated in front, then Kent, probably Bart sitting behind Kent, then Jill, followed by other kids.

Kent Kowallis and Kim Kowallis on camping trip. What is that thing Kim is trying to eat? Kent looks like he already swallowed his.

Cheryl Kowallis helping Dad to build the new house on 4590 N. 900 W in Pleasant View, Utah. Photo was probably taken about 1946.

Kent Kowallis with baby Jill Kowallis probably in summer of 1951.

Kent Kowallis and Norma Jensen Kowallis probably late summer or fall 1949.

Jill Kowallis about 1960. What a pretty young girl she was!

Bart, Kent, and Jill, with Kim in front feasting on watermelon (well, all except Kim, that is; he's just posing to show everyone how cute he is).

Baby Kent Kowallis getting a bath probably in early 1949.

Cheryl with a puppy on our back porch in about 1947.

Bart Kowallis, Jill Kowallis, and Kim Kowallis on a family camping trip in about 1957. Three trouble makers! Jill still gets that same expression on her face today.

Three cousins: Karla Garner, Cheryl Kowallis, and Lynette Butler, about 1948 at age 4.

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