Friday, June 19, 2015

Remembering Fathers

Just a few pictures this week as I think back on my father and on my role as a father to my children. These pictures, mostly taken in about 2002, bring back fond memories on this Father's Day weekend. I had a great father and I have wonderful kids for which I am very grateful.

 Jeff with Grandpa Kowallis

 Melanie dressed for the big dance

 Leanna and Karl at Pearl Harbor

Jeff and Dad (me) at San Francisco market

 Melanie at her internship

 Jeff and Karl at the MTC

 Melanie, Karl, Leanna, and Jeannie at Grandpa's birthday party

 Playing cards with Leanna, Jeff, Mom, Grandma Clark, and Melanie

 Leanna and Karl in Hawaii

Melanie on parade

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